Disney x Instagram 
Mickey and Minnie Filter

3D Asstes.
As part of Disney’s “Celebrating 90 years of the True Original”, StinkStudios created an all-exclusive, augmented reality, Instagram filter that celebrates Mickey’s timelessness by using his iconic, defining feature: his ears.

On this project I worked closely with Matt Greenhalgh who’s a fantastic Technical Director at StinkStudios. Together using AR Studio we packed three, totally unique sets, of wearable Mickey Mouse ears into one instagram filter.

I was responsible for creating all the ears, bows and hats in addition to the 2d sprites for each of the three sets of ears.
Touching the screen cycles the user through the different sets of ears. We used particle systems in a unique way to make the ears sparkle more when you move your head. We rigged minnie’s accessories to respond to the movement of your head and created a fun interaction which can be triggered when you make a kiss expression next to a friend.

It’s had an average of one hundred and fifty thousand, daily try-ons, With over two-hundred and forty million impressions to date. Follow @Disney and try it for yourself!